Collaboratively Create, Preserve and Share Your Assets With Internal Teams, Partners & Customers
With the multitude of new ways to reach your customers, it's more important than ever to establish and maintain your customers' trust.  A critical component of building this trust is to create and preserve a cohesive consistent message and visual landscape across the organization-- including advertising platforms, events and sales presentations, website and media communications.  
Essatory's marketing solution has been specifically designed to empower you to establish and maintain  brand and messaging consistency to convert your audience to adoring customers and existing customers to evangelists.  Here is how...
  • Collaboratively work with distributed teams to create consistent messaging across platforms, offerings and presentations

  • Preserve your marketing assets including existing multimedia in a searchable centralized repository with access control at the item level

  • Share relevent assets with stakeholders to ensure ongoing consistency of your brand's narratives over time and space

  • With one click and no technical skills, share your external facing assets anywhere on the web, including your company's website.

Using Essatory's suite of tools you will

  • Be memorable: Increase brand recognition and establish trust with prospects

  • Reduce sales cycle

  • Eliminate unproductive meetings 

  • Quickly establish cooperation and trust with project teams and avoid becoming blindsighted right before a deadline

  • Gain competitive advantage with the ability to quickly repurpose and remix existing assets for new initiatives and to create new narratives

Essatory enables you to get input from your teams for upcoming events with Essatory's flexible questions and vote features

  • Collaboratively share and analyze survey data

  • Perform what-if-scenario analysis

  • Facilitate active participation & lively discussions with questions, voting features 

  • Get real-time response on best practice

  • Exchange private or group feedback on collaborated projects with rich commenting features