Create interactive, clickable video montages 
Remix web video, audio, images and content from the web into cool mashups.  Add your own comments and links. 
Edit your content whenever you want. 
Share or Embed on any websites.  
Examples interactive clickable videos include
An animated gif with sound
A documentary with dynamic links
A video profile to introduce yourself to the world 
Annotate an existing video
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How is Essatory Video Creator tool different than other video editors?
With Essatory Video Creator, you have the ability to directly add data and content from the web.
Traditional video editors, the creator determines each frame--the viewer has no other way to experience it.  With Essatory video creator, multimedia can be influenced by the web. For example, you can:
  • Add hyperlinks for the viewer to click and go elsewhere on the web
  • Pull in live images from Flickr by entering a tag. New images will show every time someone uploads to Flickr with that tag.
  • Add Google maps that the viewer can explore. You can even turn on streetview mode and walk around in 3D
  • Add articles from Wikipedia, which update whenever the Wikipedia page is updated
Quickly and easily update your video montages
Traditional video production makes it hard to update videos. YouTube doesn’t allow you to update a video at all. When you want to update a YouTube video, you have to upload to a new page, leaving you stuck with multiple URLs and outdated versions.With Essatory Video Creator, URLs stay live, so any changes show up instantly. You can make a living project where audiences come back as the story grows.
Remix narratives into new works
Traditional video is locked behind a black box. With Essatory's video creator, you can go in and see how the video was made, and you can allow collaborators to remix your video.  This way you collectively make improvements.  You can also give feedback on someone else’s work. Instead of telling someone what you’d do differently, you can show them.
See next page for examples of how Essatory Video Creator has been used.