Participatory Learning
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Authoring Tools
Make ideas stick:  Formulate collaborative projects that inspire critical thinking & expands problem solving skills
Hone student's ability to search, synthesize and disseminate information, using Essatory's video creator tool.  

Directly add data and context from the web

Note how overtime multimedia can be influenced by the web.  

Add hyperlinks for the viewer to click and go elsewhere on the web

Pull in live images from Flickr by entering a tag. New images will show every time someone uploads to Flickr with that tag.

Add Google maps that the viewer can explore. You can even turn on streetview mode and walk around in 3D

Add articles from Wikipedia, which update whenever the Wikipedia page is updated
Below are examples of what you can create with the video creator
Tell a story using text, music and a camera.  Use Essatory's video creator to turn your images into hyperlinks and add a layer of interactivity to your story.  
Make a commentary by giving deeper meaning to current events by giving context to news articles using images and videos with text, popups, voiceovers and hyperlinks to support your assertions.
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