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"61% of consumers say that they feel better about  a company that delivers custom content and they'd buy more products from them"  Roper Public Affairs

In today’s enterprise, you have an orchestra of marketers, writers and contributors who create and distribute content to get your company noticed. Authoring tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and distribution through email are the de facto means of collaborating, organizing the content and readying it for publication and promotion.

With so many stories to share, keeping your messaging and branding consistent, organized is an uphill struggle. Targeting and scheduling each story appears like a lot of guesswork.  The slow approval workflow can slow down the timeliness of your message.  How can so many people, platforms and expectations be brought together for success?

Essatory platform does just that.  Essatory allows you to build brand equity by authoring compelling stories that can be published across multiple channels and into the hearts of those you want to reach. Essatory makes it easy for everyone in your organization as well as partners and customers to create, publish and promote stories that drive qualified website traffic and sales leads.   

With Essatory you can track the effectiveness of your stories down to the individual video, article, quiz or social post.

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