Essatory for Marketers
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Plan and Create
Plan your content to pull in your audience
  • Quickly pull together the most qualified team 

  • Setup customer personas

  • Gather feedback and suggestions from all stakeholders  

Create meaningful stories: collaboratively collect, curate and shape content into immersive stories.  Use Essatory's suite of authoring tools to motivate your team, partners and customers to create rich engaging content.  Tools include...
  • Collage Editor : Create professional looking visual mashups to enhance your narratives and build consensus on initiatives.

  • Hypervideos—dynamic videos that integrate relevant mixed media (for example, text, maps, essays, photos with real time feeds).

  • Multimedia Storybooks, magazines and interactive reports: Organize your videos, photo collages and individual multimedia pieces in a logical story format; Complete your narratives by adding text to each visual piece with WYSIWYG text editor.

  • Audiogifs: using a combination of animations and audio.

  • Quizzes and surveys

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